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Ardrossan Connections

Project Background

The Ardrossan Connections project team have identified opportunities have  to design and implement high-quality public space and upgrades to the National Cycle Network (the Network) and the area it serves.

Improving the Network in Ardrossan will build on recent and ongoing
transport and planning developments in the area, enabling the route
to act as a high quality connection to the centre of Ardrossan, ferry
terminal and also as a strategic route between the Three Towns in
North Ayrshire.

A Charette process undertaken in 2017 for the Three Towns suggested
that improvements to the public realm, signage and better links
between the seafront and ferry terminal would encourage both
residents and visitors to spend time in the centre of Ardrossan and
increase footfall.

Improving this route will meet the aspirations of the Ardrossan
community identified in the Charette process and create a more
welcoming and attractive space for visitors, residents and local

Ardrossan Connections
Ardrossan Connections
Develop a safe, accessible and attractive walking, cycling and wheeling network for everyone.


Through a collaborative design process, Ardrossan Connections aims to inspire, empower and support the community, stakeholders and local council to enhance the Network for walking, cycling and wheeling, and support the development of a more accessible, safe and welcoming centre of Ardrossan for residents, visitors and local businesses.

The objectives of Adrossan Connections are to:

  • Provide safe, accessible and attractive walking, wheeling and cycling route for residents and visitors and improve the attractiveness of the National Cycle Network Route 73 and 753 between the Three Towns.
  • Create a sense of place in the centre of Ardrossan that celebrates local heritage and encourages more inbound visits to the town centre.
  • Improve awareness of National Cycle Network and benefits of active and sustainable travel.
  • Reduce transport poverty and allow more people to experience the health and wellbeing benefits of travelling actively and sustainably.
  • Empower the local community to influence decisions affecting their daily lives and their local environment.
Design Project Area

Design Focus:

The Study Area includes the current on-road section of National Cycle Network Route 753 and the section of Route 73 on Harbour Street and Glasgow Street that acts as a key link to local facilities and services and connecting streets between these streets.

Concept designs will be produced for the main streets: Princes Street, Glasgow Street, Montgomerie Street and Harbour Street. Options to improve the Network through the town will be considered to create a more accessible route and encourage use.

The project will then focus on developing the detailed design, and construction for the National Cycle Network route.

Ardrossan Connections
Ardrossan Connections Project Partners

Ardrossan Connections is being delivered by Sustrans Scotland in partnership with North Ayrshire Council and Ardrossan Community Development Trust. The project partners take part in a Delivery Group and develop the project in line with its aims and objectives. This will be supported by a Steering Group to ensure that the long term direction of the project represents the communities’ priorities and aspirations. The Steering Group is currently being established and will be made up of key community representatives and wider stakeholders.

Sustrans is the charity making it easier for people to walk, cycle and wheel. Sustrans is responsible for delivering the concept and detailed design for the project by leading on the co-design process with funding from Transport Scotland.

North Ayrshire Council
North Ayrshire Council is a local authority established under the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994. North Ayrshire Council will work in partnership with Sustrans to support the concept design and delivery of the project.

The National Transport Agency for Scotland
The national transport agency for Scotland, delivering the Scottish Government’s vision for transport.

Ardrossan Community Development Trust
Ardrossan Community Development Trust is a local Community Development Trust working with the local community to achieve development and regeneration within Ardrossan Town.

The Project Team

Look out for the project team over the next few months.

Kasia Koziel
Kasia Koziel
Project Lead
Cat Wright
Cat Wright
Behaviour Change Officer
Lavanya Balasubramanian
Senior Urban Designer
Eilidh Russell
Eilidh Russell
Community Engagement Officer
Jon Rowe
Jon Rowe
Senior Urban Designer
scott mould ACDT
Scott Mould
How Can I Share My Views?

A key aspect of the project is Sustrans Scotland’s work with the local community.

Through community engagement and collaboration with a range of stakeholders, the project will ensure people in the local area feel that they can have a say in decisions about their neighbourhood, ensure solutions reflect the aspirations and needs of the community and increase the feeling of connection and ownership of the public space throughout the community.

Discovering The Community

Since the project launched in January we have been working with the Ardrossan Community to gather information about the barriers to walking, cycling, wheeling and spending time in the area and potential design ideas that could improve connections in the area. So far we have:

  • Hosted 2 virtual launch events
  • Met with the Project Steering Group twice
  • A workshop with CHA Tenants and Residents Association
  • Gathered comments from the residents and businesses online on the project website
  • Gathered comments through a paper survey
  • Held a Transport Providers Forum
  • Hosted a virtual walking audit
  • Hosted 6 Design workshops to develop design ideas with the community.

Design objectives were developed from the information gathered in January and February and can be found in the information boards here alongside information on monitoring that has been carried out (link to information boards attached).

Thanks to everyone who has shared comments and design ideas so far. We are currently analysing all comments collected from the Design workshops and will start to develop design ideas from them in the coming weeks.

Stay Involved With Ardrossan Connections
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We plan to have some activities and events running in summer and will then be presenting the designs for the project area to the community for feedback in early Autumn.

Project Timeline
The Process

Started in July 2020, the project will last for three to four years and will be delivered through the following phases: Concept Design, Detailed Design and Construction that will be tailored to the wider ambitions for Ardrossan. The project team will work collaboratively with residents and stakeholders to ensure people are brought into active partnership and sharing of decision making.

The first year of the project will involve:

Winter – Discover
Collect and analyse information:

1. Collaborative discovery of the local area through observations, monitoring, surveys, online meetings and on-street activities.

2. Feasibility studies to explore options to improve the Network through the town followed by the development of the concept design process for the National Cycle Network route.
Spring – Develop
Develop Community Ideas:

1. Deliver temporary measures to demonstrate the positive potential for the changes with low tech, nonpermanent solutions delivered prior to the concept designs developed.

2. Interactive and inspiring activities with locals and groups to develop design ideas.
Summer – Design
Refine Design Proposals:

1. Develop a concept design for the streets identified within the focussed design area of the larger study area.

2. Showcase and open the concept design for comment from the local community and stakeholders.
Autumn – Display
1. Begin the development of Detailed design for National Cycle Network route.
Project News & Updates
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