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The Story Of Joe McCulloch

Watch our video and find out more about Local Man Joe McCulloch, a former Winton Rovers and Celtic footballer.

In the run up to the Community Engagement Day event held on the 14th August at Ardrossan South Beach, we asked the community of Ardrossan to engage in the “Deckchair Project”

An artist’s edition of 100 deckchair/artworks were designed as bespoke seating, with the canvas of each deckchair specially created with colour, pattern, image, and/or text that will be specifically relevant to Ardrossan and the South Beach base for these chairs.


…A story about a local man who turned out for Ardrossan Winton Rovers and eventually Glasgow Celtic before joining the Army.

We had a lot of local engagement with residents providing us with words and story’s about the local area. A rich history of the town was soon emerging. Stories that were maybe not so much common knowledge in the community, but within families and smaller groups of the community.

None more so than that of Joe McCulloch. A local footballer who eventually played for Celtic, and also a member of the Army who fought in WWII.

Joe’s Story Video

The video has Joe’s nephew and local resident Jim Smith telling the story of his Uncle Joe. Describing Joe’s life and his accomplishments.

Interspersed with images of Joe during his football career and his Army career, this video is just another way of showing that the community of Ardrossan has a rich tapestry of characters, achievements and history that may not have been discovered or may have been lost for future generations to learn about and be proud of.

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