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Engagement Day Feedback Form

Community Engagement Feedback Form
Please describe "What" you would like to see added to the plans and why you would like to see these added
Please describe "What" you would like to see removed from the plans and why you would like to see these removed
Please submit any other comments you feel are relevant to using the prom as a meeting place.

Proposals include taking the toilet block into community ownership and converting to a small coffee shop with fully accessible toilets

Please provide any comments you feel are relative to the toilet block conversion

There are also proposals to bring some beach huts to the Prom to rent out for retailers to sell buckets & spades, rock, sweets, ice-cream, refreshments, snacks, dog treats and toys etc

Please specify what you would like to see

The Trust are currently in preperation to deliver access to deckchairs that can be borrowed and used free of charge for residents and visitors

Disability Wheelers will also be introduced to allow wheelchair access onto the Beach. If this would be useful for you please reply to questions below:

We want to avoid users of wheelers being disappointed if they turn up and there are none available for use